5 Most Common Uses of Natural Gas in Your Home

By | January 23, 2019

According to statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, at any given time there are more than 66 million people who are using natural gas in their homes. The fact that the Department of Energy estimates that usage will go up 20% by the year 2030 also means you have a very high likelihood of being dependent on it.

While people are quick to think of natural gas in terms of heating their home, what they may not realize is that it is being used for a number of other things as well.Here’s a look at five of the most common uses of natural gas in your home.

Natural Gas Clothes Dryer

Take a look at your clothes dryer, you may find it is also using natural gas. The great news about natural gas dryersis that they typically use half the energy that electric dryers do. What this means is that you’ll be able to save money on your electric bill.

Natural Gas for Heating Your Home

The most common and most well-known use of natural gas in your home is heat. A natural gas heating system is popular with homeowners due to the fact it is reliable, convenient, efficient, and does a good job at keeping the home comfortable. The heat produced by natural gas is actually warmer than that of an electric heat pump, which is where the efficiency comes into play.

Natural Gas for Cooking

Natural gas can also be used for cooking food, both indoors and outdoors. Gas ovens are very common with homeowners, as many will attest to the fact it gets hotter faster, and the heat is more evenly distributed. This can allow for a better “cook” on foods. As well, homeowners can also hook up their outdoor grill/BBQ to their gas line if it has been set-up.

Natural Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces can make a wonderful addition in any home, giving that sense of comfort and warmth. Where it used to be that wood-burning fireplaces were the norm, today, gas fireplaces are very common. The fact that you can instantly “light a fire” by flicking on a switch, and even control the amount of heat it puts out, is very attractive for homeowners.

Natural Gas for Heating Water

Then there is the hot water in your home, which may also use natural gas. A natural gas water heater is an economical option for homeowners, which is why it’s so popular.Again, it tends to be much cheaper than an electric model, and it can also heat the water faster, which is great for those households with a high demand for hot water.

Make Sure Safe Practices Are Used

So as you look around your home at the many ways in which you’re using natural gas, it’s also important that safe practices are being used. All codes and regulations should be followed, which is why you want to be sure the home or building has been designed and built by a reputable engineer, such as these well-known Chicago engineers at New York Engineers. They offer design, consulting and construction management services in Chicago and other US cities. There’s no doubt that natural gas is a very popular source of energy in many people’s homes.