8 Things You Need to Know Before Buying An Apartment

By | December 17, 2016

For middle-class urban communities, have a place to stay in the apartment is a favorite choice. Apart from the investment, the desire to have this apartment is also driven by changes in people’s lifestyles. Congestion is growing craze makes the time go and back office is not efficient anymore. Residents who live in the suburbs so ‘old’ in the street. Therefore, they are busy to go back into town and chose to stay in the apartment.

Construction of apartments is now beginning to spread in large cities. With a variety of facilities offered, not surprisingly, sales of apartments became a bestseller. But, lest you get stuck buying an apartment just because of the advantages offered by its developer. To find your best apartment deal, you can see through Lewisapartments

1. The location is the most important thing that must be considered when trying to buy an apartment. Check the activities of all family members, whether it is close to the location of the apartment. Lest you even be ‘old’ in the street.

2. Select an apartment with a square-shaped unit because it is the most ideal form. If the angle-angle apartment units will be troublesome in terms of its spatial arrangement.

3. See also the spatial arrangement in the apartment. Must be effective and flowing so that the circulation activity occupants are confusing.

4. Do all the spaces in the apartment getting openings to the outside of the building? Otherwise, it is feared there are no incoming sunlight so that the room in the apartment becomes damp.

5. Can unit renovated apartment? What may also be cracked wall? You also need to know where the main pillars of the building so you do not carelessly exploited them.

6. Is there room service in the apartments? The room service is used as a clothesline or warehouses so clothesline and goods that are not needed are not placed on the balcony instead be an eyesore.

7. Pay attention to the layout of the AC in the apartment unit. Note also the former AC sewer flow. Observe also where the placement of the compressor outside the unit. Whether on the balcony or hanging on the wall of the apartment building, and easily can be cleaned?

8. Ask the possibility of improvement if there is a leak in the bathroom unit that is above you. Do you have to enter through your unit or through the ceiling. Therefore, the ideal placement of the bathroom which is attached to the wall of the corridor so as to repair, the clerk simply go through the ceiling in the corridor. See also, is there safety in the form of a trellis who locked the bathroom ceiling so that service personnel can not suddenly fall in your bedroom.