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I Could Get Used to Vacations Like This

I had never been on a real vacation before, so I was really excited when my husband of just a few months asked me what I thought about taking all of us on a really nice holiday for a week. It sounded perfect to me. I thought he was talking about a trip to the beach, which I guess he was, but in a much bigger way than I could have imagined. When he told me to look at the different Mykonos villas for rent on a website he showed me, I was speechless.

I had never been on a nice vacation nor had I ever been out of the country. Luxury was something new in my life ever since falling in love with a very wealthy man. I would have loved him regardless of the size of his bank account, so that is just a really nice perk. He has four children from a previous marriage, and I have three. I knew that we would have fun there because the kids all get along marvelously, so the only hard thing to do was to decide which of the villas we wanted to stay at.

They were all so nice.

Beni Ourain Rugs Are Here to Stay

Beni Ourain rugs are handmade wool delights that have been enchanting interior designers and homeowners for ages now. These tribal rugs come from the Atlas Mountains in North Africa. Although Berber rugs have had devotees for many years, they’ve only recently started truly resonating with mainstream crowds. If you’ve spent any time in home design stores recently, there’s a good chance you’ve noticed an abundance of these rugs popping up.

A Beni Ourain rug in many ways combines the best of the modern and traditional realms. If you look at a Beni Ourain rug quickly, you may be struck by its sharp linear elements. You may be struck by its simplicity. There’s a modernity to these rugs that isn’t common in home design elements that have so much history. There’s also, however, an undeniable historic edge. The colors that are on display on these rugs are muted. They’re nothing like the bold and bright colors that are so frequently seen on contemporary rugs of all types.

The Atlas Mountains are known for chilly temperatures. Cold temperatures aren’t exactly unheard of Europe, North America and beyond, either. If you want to protect your household from a brutal winter, a Moroccan rug could be ideal. These rugs can insulate your living space well. That can be great for preventing drafts from making their way inside. Walking on a Berber rug can feel fantastic, too. There’s no disputing how warm and cozy they feel. There’s also no denying their soft and smooth textures. These rugs are dense and can give you a feeling of defense like no other.

These rugs can add a sense of inspiration to your home. Staring at the shapes that are part of their designs can be an intense experience. These rugs’ have amazing patterns that consist of triangles, straight lines, diamonds and much more. If you want to enjoy the appearance of a rug that seems to tell a fascinating story every time you see it, Berber rugs may be right for your home.

A Beni Ourain rug can give your residence an enduring and classic atmosphere. These floor coverings aren’t trendy in any way. Although they’re not trendy, they’re undeniably fashionable. People of all age groups can easily appreciate them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or if you’re a mature adult. It’s easy to find the beauty in these rugs.

These home design components can be terrific for people who want to maintain hassle-free lifestyles. If you purchase one of these rugs, you don’t have to think about constant maintenance sessions. You don’t have to dread the possibility of spills and stains, either. Keeping these rugs in excellent condition generally isn’t difficult. If you catch spills on these rugs rapidly enough, you can usually easily stop stains from occurring.

These rugs can make your home feel warm, exotic, adventurous and classic all at the same time. That’s why many people all over the world adore them so. Beni Ourain rugs are here to stay.

Tips On Buying Housing

Because buying a house must match the buyer, then you who want to buy a house will certainly find a house that suits you.

Seeing the function of the house as a shelter and habitable forever, then choosing a home should be done with careful and wise steps. With varying offers, your choices become more widespread. In choosing a house in “housing / real estate”, to keep in mind is the location factor as the main factor in choosing a home. After getting the location, then you decide which housing you will choose. To avoid wrong steps in choosing housing, here are some things to consider inchoosing :

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  1. Who is the Developer or Developer?

Houses purchased through the developers are generally marketed under the condition of the house has not been built. Even sometimes the land where the house will be built is still not in shape, still raw. This means, the buyer buys the “promise” of the developer at the time of purchase. When you give up a sign or a down payment, then you believe that the developer will keep your trust. You believe that the developer will realize the house you bought and submit it on time. Consider the big name, track record, and developer commitment, in choosing the home you buy. How? Find out whether the developers are on time in the delivery of homes that were marketed on previous projects. Including whether the certificates on the houses are also timely given to the buyer. In some cases the law happens where the developer does not build the house or who does not give the house a certificate to the buyer.

  1. Theme and Masterplan of Housing Project

Each developer has determined the theme and masterplan of his housing project. Both are the identity of the housing project. This can be seen from their brochures or ad campaigns. If the theme and masterplan is a green city, then in the region certainly not built industry. Very wise if you pay attention to the theme and masterplan of the housing in addition to the model of building a house that you are interested in. Because ultimately the housing environment will be realized in accordance with its masterplan.

  1. How is the Clean Water Supply?

The problem of clean water in Jakarta and other big cities remains a classic problem. Until now the problem has not been solved, although there have been regional water companies (PDAMs) some of whom cooperate with foreign companies. The supply of clean water to residents’ houses often stagnates, and even stalled completely. Water quality is also a matter of complaint. In this case, well water appears to be the solution. The reason, well water can be spelled free, beyond the cost of electricity for the pump. However, not forever well water well. Now more and more we hear that well water contaminated with sea water or industrial waste. If consumed for many years can disrupt health.

  1. Completeness of Public Facilities

In general, houses in residential complexes are offered in conjunction with public facilities and social facilities such as swimming pools, water reservoirs, electricity lines, telephones, fire extinguishers, sewage treatment plans, worship facilities, and health facilities. The facility meets consumers’ needs for home and lifestyle functions. Careful selection of the availability of facilities will provide greater opportunities for capital gains. Generally developers avoid the construction of complete facilities since the beginning because it potentially cost the developer with high cost at the beginning, and if there is a recession the cost is not returned. Complete facilities from the beginning make buyers pay bigger.

  1. Quality

Without such a standardization institution as in developed countries, property units can be built with different qualities. It is said that this is one of the obstacles that make mortgage-based securitization business difficult to develop in Indonesia. In this regard, it is important for prospective home buyers to consider the quality aspects, both physical quality of the house, road, and environment.

An Inexpensive but Beautiful Apartment

I was looking for an apartment in the heart of the city, but I did want to live in a noisy place, if that makes sense. I wanted the best of both worlds, and I had to find this place on a limited budget. I am not poor, but I am by no means wealthy either. A friend of mine told me that her cousin had found an inexpensive apartment through the Al Barakah website, and she had been there and found it to be very comfortable. I decided to go to the website and see if it would hold the same kind of luck for me.

The site is very easy to use, and I was able to customize my search in a number of different ways that helped me find the perfect apartment for myself. It is only me, so I just needed a one bedroom apartment with a single bathroom.


If you have recently purchased a home you may be in the process of finding out that the closing of your home loan was when the real spending starts. Now that you are responsible for the care and maintenance of your home you are probably finding out how expensive things are. You may find yourself wondering “How can I fix my house without completely breaking my budget and tapping into my savings account”. Fret no more! This helpful guide will equip you with the skills and information necessary to fix your house without crashing your budget.

Go directly to the supplier for raw building materials

While places like home depot and lowes are fantastic for all your one stop home improvement shopping needs they do not always provide the best prices on lumber and other raw building materials. Need lumber for a home improvement project? Head to your local lumber mill for the best prices. Need a load of stone to fix a hole in the driveway? Get in your car and head to the local quarry. The source is always cheaper than the middleman. Lumber mills and quarries tend to have more personal relationships with their customers as well.

Buy craftsman tools for their incredible warranty

Anyone who has done a home improvement job will tell you how frustrating it is to get halfway through a job only to have a tool break on you. Not only are tools expensive to repair and replace but leaving a job only halfway finished is the best way to drive your wife crazy. Consider getting craftsman tools to prevent this problem. Craftsman tools are made out of high quality steel and come with an unlimited lifetime warranty. Snap a hammer working in the shed? No problem, just head on over to the nearest sears and they will replace in free of charge, no questions asked. You will never again have to worry about buying another set of tools if you spend the money for high quality pieces up front. Consider buying craftsman tools for the best possible investment.