Four Reasons to Call for Professional Restoration After a Fire

By | August 18, 2017

When you have had a fire in your home or business, after the fire department has finished doing their job, you will want to immediately call a smoke damage restoration company. There are several reasons for this, but the following are the most important ones.

Water damage must be addressed

A professional restoration company will not only deal with the smoke damage, but they will also address the water issue. Until you have experienced a fire, you may not associate water damage with a fire, but the fact is, when the fire department puts out a fire, they use a lot of water. This means that  a clean up will be needed for all of the water that is left behind. Make no mistake, this water can be must greater than it first appears to be.

All water must be removed

You may think it is easy to clean up water after a fire, but the real problem is water that finds its way into the walls, the ceiling and the floors. Sometimes there is enough damage that portions of the structure must be removed to get to the water. This is because if all of the water is not removed, mold will likely grow, and you will have a long-term problem that will be very expensive to remedy. It is also not a simple question of removing water, but all moisture. Everything must be completely dry

Smoke damage will be addressed

Some smoke damage can be cleaned while some surfaces may need a different method to remove smoke stains. Still others may need a new finish. It all depends upon the type of surface. There is also the issue of odor removal. This is a big problem, and usually requires the attention of a professional restoration company. Without proper attention, smoke odor can last for months. This is not something you want to live with, nor does a business want to be subject to it either.

Everything will be done as quickly as possible

This is the hallmark of professional restoration. Because of the experience involved as well as the skill and equipment they have, the work is accomplished both fast and to a high standard. If you were to attempt to do this work yourself, you would not be able to accomplish what they accomplish no matter how much time you had to finish the job.

From the moment a professional restoration company arrives, they will begin their work by assessing the damage and formulating a plan. Once they know exactly what must be done and the order they need to do it, they will begin the restoration process. In addition, the best restoration companies routinely work with insurance companies, so they can help communicate with a claims adjuster.