How to paint the house alone without the craftsman?

By | April 9, 2017

Of course we hope that these tips on how painting can help you change the paint color of your home so that it becomes more personalized art and comfort as well as more able to bring a new atmosphere fresh. Click here

1. Clean Walls

Make sure the wall surface will you paint try clean of dust. Remove dust and dirt on the wall area. Dirt on the wall is very compulsory eliminated. Dust, dirt and oil stains of paint will make the final result is not smooth and evenly. Clean up with water mixed with detergent formula is soft and spongy cellulose. Rub the sponge to the wall until clean, then rinse with water to remove soap residue.

2. Protect the part wont Painted with Duct Tape

Barrier between the wall and the floor, the window and the window frame normally should be covered to avoid paint stains. Protect part of the house do not want painted with masking tape or adhesive tape when painting. Once completed, immediately unplug the tape before the paint dries so that the paint does not participate uprooted.

3. Close Cracks in Walls:

Use plamir (wall putty) to close gaps or cracks in the walls, and blend until smooth using sandpaper. Apply a paint primer also, a kind of liquid which is applied before painting in order to obtain the final results were flat and shiny.

4. Use Small Brush on the part Narrow:

Painter tool in the form of roller can not be applied in all parts of the wall, just over a large area only. As for the difficult areas such as the corner of the room, use a small brush width of two inches.

5. Use ZigZag Movement Techniques:

Paint with a mean trick is to make a zig-zag motion from top to bottom covered wall repeatedly until blended. After 2-3 hours of new seal back to the paint to make it more smooth result. Roller can be used to flatten the surface color of the walls ..

6. Repeat If Need:

When the painting is still less than perfect results, repeat the process again and make sure this second successful. When splashes of paint fell to the floor, wipe it with a damp cloth.