I Could Get Used to Vacations Like This

By | September 16, 2017

I had never been on a real vacation before, so I was really excited when my husband of just a few months asked me what I thought about taking all of us on a really nice holiday for a week. It sounded perfect to me. I thought he was talking about a trip to the beach, which I guess he was, but in a much bigger way than I could have imagined. When he told me to look at the different Mykonos villas for rent on a website he showed me, I was speechless.

I had never been on a nice vacation nor had I ever been out of the country. Luxury was something new in my life ever since falling in love with a very wealthy man. I would have loved him regardless of the size of his bank account, so that is just a really nice perk. He has four children from a previous marriage, and I have three. I knew that we would have fun there because the kids all get along marvelously, so the only hard thing to do was to decide which of the villas we wanted to stay at.

They were all so nice. I asked all the kids if they wanted their own rooms or if anyone wanted to share, and they decided that they wanted their own rooms. I can’t blame them, so I looked for one with 11 bedrooms. I needed the extra bedrooms because my sister and her husband agreed to accompany us mostly for pleasure but also to help us with nine kids since their two were joining us as well. We ended up getting a villa that has 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and the most beautiful view ever. It has its own swimming pool, plus the beach is just a short walk away. Now I really could get used to this!