What to Look for in the House of Your Dreams

By | October 13, 2016

After working so hard, you need to reward yourself and your family with a home you can be proud to come home to, a house that fulfills all of your greatest dreams. Whether you’re ready to move to the beautiful countryside full-time or you’re looking for a relaxing getaway home on the weekends or when on vacation, make sure the home you choose is well worth the investment. If looking for a home near the Chicago area, speak to a property representative about everything their properties have to offer.


Privacy is a must when it comes to dream homes. The Lazy Willow, a luxury home for sale McHenry County Illinois area residents and visitors should inquire about, offers more than 14 acres of private, wooded land. The trees are especially essential to a sense of privacy, as not only do you have a gorgeous view out of every window, but you feel refreshingly cut off from the rest of the world – even though it’s just a short commute away.


The space inside your dream home is just as important – perhaps even more important – than the land outside of it. Chances are, you’ll spend most of your time on the property in the house, enjoying the fresh air from an enclosed porch or simply gazing out the expansive windows. You’ll need multiple full suites so you can enjoy your evenings in comfort and have as many guests over as you’d like. In addition to a stunning and utilitarian kitchen, a large living room, and an elegant dining room, you’ll need bonus rooms, like a rec room, as well. In the yard, you should have access to multiple spots to enjoy the fresh air on patio furniture surrounded by flora.


If you don’t plan to live in your dream home full-time, you need a property with flexibility. Invest in a property that’s been used as a retreat for small groups who’ve taken advantage of the large flooring space and multiple suites to hold meetings and perform teambuilding exercises. Then you’re free to use the property the same way when you’re not in town – and you have a built-in array of clients who will prove interested in making a return visit.

Schedule a visit to your future home today. Start by touring online via a gallery of stunning photos and in-depth videos and then arrange for a visit whenever you’re next in the McHenry area. If you have any questions, simply give the property handlers a call or send an email.